PTSD support meetings and presentations that empower people to cope with PTSD - for individuals AND their spouses, partners, families, parents and communities.
Online Recovery Meetingsand 24/7 Access To Peer Support: Our progressive PTSD recovery program uses an interactive, 3D web world from your laptop or PC, in any time zone, at any time of day, at your convenience.
PTSD expertise and education: We give free presentations for community clubs and groups.


Since Fearless Nation was founded in 2009,our biggest challenge has been finding affordable psychotherapy for our U.S. members, but the economic Depression has meant unemployed, underemployed, and economically challenged members had no access to psychological care, or access only to a limited pool (HMO) of often incompetent, substandard therapists.

The Affordable Care Act now provides full healthcare coverage for primary care, mental health & addiction healthcare FOR ALL AMERICANS

Time-to-treatment for PTSD is critical: The longer PTSD progresses without therapy, the more complex and difficult-to-treat it becomes. You MUST get yourself into therapy with a psychological professional right away to begin your recovery and regain your health!

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Suicidal feelings are common for people with trauma: There is no shame, only courage in accepting help if you feel you cannot go on. If you destroy yourself, you will forever devastate your children, partner, parents, family, friends and community.
Don't do that to them. Don't be selfish. Reach out for help.
United Kingdom:
USA: 1-800-273-TALK

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GET SOCIAL WITH US!  ...Rebooting your social life is the 1st step in recovery after trauma.